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LuLaRoe Giveaway! (and a review from a skeptic) *CLOSED*


I once was a LuLaRoe skeptic. And then last Sunday after receiving a bunch of compliments about my outfit (an Amelia dress and leggings) I found myself standing up during lunch and asking my mom and my sisters to feel my leggings because I knew there weren’t really good words to describe how soft they were. This is the slippery slope of discovering LuLaRoe and I’m happy to initiate you into the club.


(This is the dress I was wearing with some blue leggings)

*If you aren’t interested in reading all my deep thoughts about LuLaRoe because you already love it and want to enter the giveaway, go ahead and comment on this post with what you think would be a fun color or design for leggings (just as a way to enter), then go to LuLaRoe Jenn Online, “like” her page and tell her I sent you. We’ll have two separate giveaways- one from my blog and one from her page so be sure and enter both places!*

There are lots of great pieces out there about why LuLaRoe is amazing (I like this one– about body image- and this one– about the MLM aspect). The short story is that these are great pieces that flatter just about every body and turn your “mom wardrobe” into something that feels fun and fresh.


(I wore this outfit with a cardigan and boots to a work meeting and felt comfortable, professional and feminine. Triple threat.)

But there is an aspect of LuLaRoe I am uniquely qualified to discuss:  How does it work for people with LONG torsos?

My husband is 6’2″ and I am 5’7″ and when we sit next to each other, I am taller than he is. I have a ridiculously long torso. And short hobbit-style legs. Because of this, the leggings trend hasn’t worked so well for me. Shirts that are meant to cover my backside end up barely touching my waist. I was hoping maybe LuLaRoe would have options for a girl like me.

I gave my consultant (Jenn) my sizes and let her pick what she thought would work. My only stipulation was that I wanted a solid colored pair of leggings (if you aren’t one for crazy prints, don’t let that turn you off of LuLaRoe- there are lots of solid options). She picked some things I thought I’d like, but also some things I would not have chosen on my own and they turned out being my favorite pieces. I thought I was getting some cute mom clothes, but I ended up with some va-va-voom date night pieces that fit me and my ridiculous torso perfectly. WHO KNEW?

If you have a long torso like me, there was one style of shirt that was long enough for me to wear with leggings and have both my front and back appropriately covered (what “appropriate” means to anybody is subjective, but for me it means it covers all my lady business). It was the Irma. I tried the Randy and the Classic T as well and they were both so comfortable and flattering, but need to be paired with a skirt or jeans, which I am LOVING. I hear rumors the Perfect T might also be long enough for Super Torsos, but I didn’t try that for myself. It also should be said that I went into this thinking my husband would be a little skeptical himself, but. . . he was not. And that is all I will say about that.

Here’s a chart to show the different lengths of shirts on normal torsos.


I also tried some dresses and skirts. I LOVED them all. Honestly. Totally. I’m wearing them a bunch. What surprised me most was the styles I thought would look boxy on me (the Cassie and the Julia) ended up being SO flattering. I would love to own multiples of these in different colors and patterns– such a great length on my hobbit legs and the material does good things for my curves (even the curves I don’t generally like. I’m looking at you, Weird Stomach Lump.). It’s great to own dresses and skirts that you feel comfortable running errands in or bending down to pick up your kids in. These clothes do a great job combining beauty with functionality.


What I also found was that what makes these pieces special is what you choose to do with them. Belts, earrings, scarves, cardigans– they all enhance the basics and give it your own twist. I tried on the Carly and felt all swallowed up. Then I added a belt , leggings and boots and felt super cute. While the prints can be really bold, what you add to each look is what makes it special for you. (I also love that when I went to wash them the tag said, “Hang dry or you’ll be sad.” I just appreciate that level of honesty.)

AND THE LEGGINGS. They are soft to the point that I have absolutely considered sleeping in them. They are substantial enough that there’s some kind of anti panty line magic going on that I can’t quite understand. They don’t start slouching during the day and they can handle some dancing or exercise in them without falling down on the job. My daughter likes to pet my legs and ask if when I grow out of them, can she have them. These things are lovely.

So now that you know why LuLaRoe, the question is, why LuLaRoe with Jenn? She’s been a friend since college and it’s been so fun to see her joy in this business. She devotes tons of time and energy to this (she runs it so professionally) and you can tell it’s a labor of love– not just a love of cute clothes, but a love of women. And she gives stuff (LEGGINGS) away in her Facebook group regularly– amazing. I’m excited to introduce you to her!

How did you discover LuLaRoe?
I actually discovered LuLaRoe (pronounced “lue-lah-row”) through a friend. It was about mid-way through my husband’s 6 month deployment in 2015 and I had a friend come over and help me out with my 2 1/2 year old and newborn (at the time) on the weekends occasionally. She had been talking to me about these leggings this gal at church was selling online and at first I thought, “Um, no, I’m a new momma, this body doesn’t do leggings.” She kept bugging me about at least trying them, so I decided to host a party to get a pair free. And that is pretty much how everything started. I LOVED the soft feel of the leggings and more importantly I loved how comfortable I felt in them. From there I tried the tops, then the dresses, and the cover ups.

Why do you love being a LulaRoe consultant?
The consultant I hosted my first party with happened to be local and go to the same church as my friend (the one who bugged me to try it in the first place). She was holding an open house (also called an in-home pop-up) so I decided to go. I entered a home filled with women of all shapes and sizes who were clamoring for these clothes. And for good reason, too! The clothes were comfortable, but more important than the clothes, the women I was surrounded by weren’t fighting, or bickering, or whispering about one another. These women were saying things like “Oh my goodness girl you look fantastic in that dress!” or “Can you believe it?! I NEVER thought I’d be wearing this crazy print!” or “Girl you are ROCKING that skirt!” And they didn’t always know each other! SOOO much positivity and uplifting talk coming from these women who weren’t even friends. There’s something about the culture of the company that SCREAMS body positivity and empowerment. I felt so much confidence wearing the clothes and being surrounded by women who were uplifting towards one another that I wanted to do the same for others. LuLaRoe’s Mission is simple: “Where through fashion we create freedom, serve others, and strengthen families. A place where lives are being blessed and dreams achieved through love, confidence, purpose and growth.” I wanted to give the gift of freedom to others, and bless the lives of others as well. I also plan to teach my girls about this as well. How we as women should be building each other up and not tearing each other down. I didn’t become a consultant to make money, far from that. I wanted to join in this movement of empowering women to be themselves and be confident and comfortable no matter what.

If a woman is a skeptic, what’s the best piece for her to try to see if LulaRoe is a fit for her?
For me, it was all about the comfort. If a woman is skeptical about trying LuLaRoe, I wouldn’t tell her to try any piece. I would give her an entire outfit to try for herself. My go to on any given day is leggings and the Irma top. That’s what I would give her to try. Leggings because it honestly feels like you’re wearing pajama pants, but they are an acceptable form of clothing in today’s society and pajamas aren’t. And the Irma top, because it is THE best top to wear with anything. You can wear it with leggings (obviously), but also jeans or a skirt. It’s LuLaRoe’s #1 selling top and for good reason! The high/low hemline covers all of the “assets” without that boxy look. The mid-length fitted sleeve and high neckline is modest and the flowy body gives it a very feminine look.

So Skeptics, are you ready to give LuLaRoe a try? We are giving away TWO pairs of leggings– one to a reader who comments on this post, and one to a reader who “likes” Jenn’s Facebook page and comments there. So here’s what you do:

1) Comment on this post with a fun color or design for leggings (this is just as a way to get you entered, not picking what kind you’ll actually get). 

2) Go to LulaRoe Jenn Online and “like” it, then post on it that you were sent by A Musing Maralee. 
I will close the drawing Friday at noon CST (3/3/17) and pick a winner! I’ll email the winner and get you connected with Jenn to arrange the details of your prize. Comment away!
This giveaway is CLOSED. Congrats to our winner, Erin!
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  1. I have been casually spying on LuLaRose ever since Ashley H. is always so dolled up and she said nearly every piece was LLR! I think anything with stars on them I’d love 🙂

  2. I did wear my leggings to bed last night… which ears I am still weather now. Win win! A teacher I work with had pumpkin leggings at Halloween which were fabulously fun. I don’t know if I’d buy them but holiday leggings would be so cute. Bunnies… eggs…. fireworks….turkeys?

  3. Arrows!!

  4. I would love some chevron leggings!

  5. Love thies and Jenn is awesome

  6. I would love anything purple :-)!

  7. I’m a bit obsessed as well! I have a Super Torso as well and really struggle to find long enough shirts! Irma is for sure my favorite!! ❤️

  8. I have always wanted to try LLR but haven’t had the guts to drop the money on it. Would love to try a solid color pair! I have felt my friends and am so intrigued 🙂

  9. I love about anything with butterflies on it, but I’d love to see some mossy oak inspired leggings

  10. Solid colors or a more simple patterns are great!

  11. Some sloth leggings would be pretty cool 😂

  12. I think a fun design would be having a gameboard like monopoly all over them lol

  13. Solid black

  14. I would love MOOSE print! 😆

  15. I love any of their prints with birds!

  16. A paisley pattern would be fun 🙂

  17. I am obsessed with lularoe. I really need a baseball inspired pair to wear in the dugout as my son’s team mom.

  18. i love their aztec-y prints. or my friend has some fox prints too!

  19. I want my little pony leggings

  20. I think they should look to African wax print fabrics for inspiration!

  21. I dreamed about Lula leggings last night… this could be a problem 🙂 I want a pair with hummingbirds and flowers.

  22. I want more flamingo prints!!!

  23. I’m mostly a solid legging gal, but I’d love some sewing machine print leggings! 😂

  24. Done. LLR is new to me and I love them.

  25. Love the gnome prints!

  26. Wanting to try but am so so skeptical .

  27. Stars and planets!

  28. Being a die-hard Clemson fan. I would say purple, white, or orange tiger paws.

  29. I would love almost any pattern in gray or black. My staple legging colors. They go with anything!

  30. turtles!

  31. I would love a pair of floral LLR Leggings!

  32. I’m a recent convert to leggings, myself. And I had to laugh about your expectations vs your husband’s response. Same here!

  33. …leopard print 🙂

  34. Solid colors or polka dots!

  35. Haven’t seen any yet while browsing but would love to see some with words like LOVE HOPE SMILE etc on them….
    Thanks for the article. Maybe I’ll try some leggings.

  36. I prefer solids on pants but like some print on the top. I have not actually tried any LLR yet. I always struggle finding anything that fits for tops because of being a BIT bigger chested 😉 What SHOULD be long is not or it look frumpy because it is big.

  37. I love LLR… so comfy. I’m another long-torsoed gal, so the Irma is wonderful for me. The perfect is also good for me. I just love it all!

    I am really wanting to find some leggings with elephants on them!

  38. Coffee print
    Goat print
    St. Patty prints
    All would be super cute on leggings

  39. I love floral!!
    I appreciate that the same LLR I wore 9 months pregnant is also able to be worn postpartum. Why did I even buy maternity clothes????

  40. Husker leggings! I just got my first pair of LLR leggings recently and am in love!

  41. Maralee, what a nice piece about Jenn and LLR! This Latin teacher would ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER some ancient Greco-Roman-inspired leggings some day! They are my official unicorn 🙂

  42. Polka dots!

  43. This is a great review. My sister, a photographer, has a pair of LulaRoe leggings with cameras on it. Perfect! I’ve seen teachers with leggings with pencils on them. So cute! I need a pair full of books. I’m sure they’ve already made a pair sometime. 🙂

  44. Wow what a fun blog. I met Jennifer through my sister Trudy. Thanking her for my now lularoe addiction. I think Jennifer knows I’m still looking at the green and gold one size leggings. If I don’t win them, gonna order them

  45. I could go for some green leaf patterned leggings!

  46. I love LuLaRoe and Jen. Black with green palm trees would be amazing!

  47. I would totally go for solid leggings. Lame but I need brown!

  48. I love LLR and have made a huge shift in my closet in the past year. I love the comfort and modesty. I have been keeping my eye out for something with pages of books printed on it. I think that would be lovely. Or sheet music.

  49. Bacon. My kids keep asking me to get bacon leggings. Haha

  50. I’m a solid legging kinda girl, but a coffee mug print would be fun!

  51. I’d love to see some teacher ones with books or school supplies. I’ve seen pencils once, but not again.

  52. I would like to see more shapes, like stars and hearts.

  53. Prints are still a little scary to me, but I’m learning to branch out. Did I hear there are bird print leggings?

  54. I’ve not tried LulaRoe. Tall and long torso girl here so now you’ve got me curious. I’d like a black and gray pattern legging I guess?

  55. Pineapples on leggings would be great! 🍍

  56. Fun!! Cute patterns are great. Love that blue dress

  57. I’m sure there are plenty out there, but I’d love to run across some leggings with stars on them! I love stars!!!

  58. Nature prints.

  59. A floral chevron!

  60. I’m a no print girl myself but I might be talked into paisley… as long as I had a solid shirt to tame it;)

  61. I would love to see some classic Chinese toile prints!

  62. I love LLR! I would love solid brown leggings (hard to find). As for colors and patterns, give me blues and purples and Kelly greens with anchors. My unicorn print is anchors.

  63. I love LLR!!

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