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Norwex- Where do I start?

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If you are new to Norwex it is really easy to get overwhelmed by the products. DON’T. The whole point of cleaning with Norwex (for me, at least) is to make your life easier and nobody needs overwhelming product stress. Some of us are very black and white thinkers and if we decide we’re going to eliminate chemicals from our cleaning, then we think we need to go ALL IN and buy all the stuff, but then it’s too expensive and we aren’t sure how to take care of it, so we just decide to do nothing. Don’t do that. Just start small. And I’ll tell you exactly what you need to get.

For a full year the only Norwex product I owned was the EnviroCloth and the Window Cloth. You can buy them together and they are the perfect way to see if this cleaning system is right for you. Currently, they are 32.99 (there will be a small price hike coming in August, so now is a great time to try it out before that happens). I am the cheapest of cheapskates, so spending that kind of money on a cleaning product was hard to justify. If that’s your hang-up, remember you will no longer be buying glass cleaner of any kind. I have a half-empty bottle of glass cleaner under my sink if anybody wants it because I literally never use it. I also use way less paper towels. I don’t use any kind of counter cleaner bleach spray product for my bathrooms or kitchen counter tops. I am cleaning with water and that’s it.

When I figured out what I was saving by not having to buy those products (and not having to go to the store for them, not having to try and remember what we were running out of, not panicking when we DID run out of it), that was worth it to me. It was also worth it to me to have a cleaning product my kids could safely use. My ten-year-old cleans the bathroom and he does a great job. The three-year-old begs to wash the mirrors and windows. And when she washes them, they actually look clean and streak-free. Shocking.

I know there are parents who are working to eliminate chemicals from their homes because they are worried about cancer or the environment or what have you. I get that. And then there are those of us who are just sick of calling poison control. Did you know it’s possible for a four-year-old to push a chair up to the kitchen counter, climb up on the counter, reach the lemon-scented Lysol spray you had “out of reach,” spray it in their mouth, and then come crying to you that, “It not lemonade, Mom” and send you scrambling for the poison control number? Yeah, these are the life moments I would rather not repeat and Norwex is helping me do that.

That’s the kind of big change you can make with the simple step of swapping out your old products for an EnviroCloth and a Window Cloth. If you use those products for awhile and love them, then try other ones! I’ll let you know which ones have been great for me. But don’t feel overwhelmed about having to go ALL IN and then let the mass amount of products (and the price tag) scare you into doing nothing. Do one little thing. If it works for you, then you can do more. My plan is to introduce you a month at a time to the products I find to be the most useful so you can slowly add to your collection if you find this is working for you.

Here are a few FAQs in case you want to know more:

But does it actually get everything clean? It does! Here’s a helpful video to show how it works.

Can I clean my bathroom and my kitchen with the same cloth? Yes! But I’ve found it’s really helpful to have two EnviroCloths because I use them so much. I have a gray one for the kitchen and a blue one for the bathroom so they have time to rotate and dry between uses. We are a really dirty family so you may not need that if you maybe don’t have four boys aiming at your toilet with varying degrees of accuracy plus multiple children who really like to “help” in the kitchen. Right now they have a fun package that has four EnviroCloths in different colors. This would be a great one to buy if you and a friend (or three) want to try this out and split the cost, or if you want to get some for yourself and some to give as a gift.

How do I clean the cloths without ruining them? This video explains how to take care of them. I throw all mine in a load together on hot once a week. Between washes, just be sure they are wrung out and hung to dry. It has this magical (and patented– no other microfiber cloth has this) BacLock that allows it to kill bacteria trapped in the cloth between uses so you don’t have to launder it after every use. Because nobody needs that kind of laundry stress.

There’s a package that also has the dusting mitt– is that worth it? I am all about starting with a small investment until you know if this is a system that works for you. With that said, the dusting mitt is fantastic. My kids actually love putting it on and going nuts on my bookshelves, their dressers, the handrails on the stairs, etc. This is something they ask to do FOR FUN because it is kind of fun to wear a fluffy blue mitten and run around the house wiping stuff. I’ll talk more about the dusting mitt in a future post (no more slippery surfaces from dusting spray!), but if you are wondering if it makes sense to buy the package that includes the dusting mitt, go for it with my blessing.

How do I buy it? I’m happy to be your Norwex lady! Here’s your link. It will automatically ask you if you’re here for a party. Pick a party! For July, pick “Maralee’s Launch Party.” And if you want to come back and buy more stuff later, I’ve got a link here on my blog you can always use (On your computer, it will be on the righthand side. On your phone, scroll all the way to the bottom.). If you buy through me, you help support my family. THANK YOU.

If you have questions, post them in the comments and I’m happy to help!

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  1. Great, thanks for the tips! I’m loving my purple Norwex cloth!

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