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GIVEAWAY from Unique2chicdesigns *CLOSED*


Last week I wrote about my newfound love for the pinecone. It has become a symbol of hope and new life after trauma. This year in honor of my daughter’s adoption anniversary, I wanted to give her a pinecone necklace and get one for myself so we could be matching (She’s at that age where matching is a really sweet and special thing. I’ll hang on to that as long as I can.). Adoption anniversaries can be complicated days—lots of bittersweet feelings. Giving her this necklace was a sweet moment for both of us as we acknowledged that it’s okay to be sad and have the big feelings and that God can make good out of that hard. Since the day she got it, I have loved seeing the little sparkle in her eye when she wears her necklace or when she sees me wearing mine.
I ended up getting my necklace through Mandy at Unique2chicdesigns and I’m excited to share her work with you! She helped me figure out what kind of necklace would be best for my daughter and together we picked a kid-friendly chain that my daughter hasn’t been able to break and has been able to put on by herself. I love that the pinecone is small, it’s almost like a little secret my daughter and I share. I am now kind of obsessed with the idea of matching mother/daughter necklaces and I’m excited to get more as the years go on. Mandy was really helpful and fun to work with, I’m thrilled with the end product and she graciously agreed to partner with me for a giveaway so one of you can enjoy a piece of hers, too!

Here’s the short version of how to enter the giveaway:

-Enter by commenting on this post with what product you’d like if you win: necklace, bracelet or earrings. If you want to look through the etsy site and tell me what piece is specifically your favorite, I’d love to know just because I’m curious. 

-Like the Facebook page and write on there that you were sent by A Musing Maralee.

Those are the two ways to enter and you can get a total of two entries. I will do the drawing tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon (CST). I will connect you with Unique2chicdesigns and you can pick one piece of equal or lesser value to the pinecone necklace I got. Just be sure and tell me which one you picked because I want to vicariously enjoy it through you.

So let’s get to know Mandy and Unique2chicdesigns!

How did you get started making jewelry?

At the time (and still today) I was a stay-at-home mom. That in itself is pretty awesome but it has its challenges, too. The biggest challenge for me was wanting to connect with the outside world. Staying at home taking care of littles is beyond great but can be isolating at times.

I had been a shopper on Etsy for a few months and then one day in the Spring of 2013, I just dove right in. I started with wire wrapped birds nests and rose rings. Then from there, I started making tiny glass beaded earrings. Finally, I stumbled into the hand stamping world and haven’t looked back. I’ll be honest, it’s a bit of an addiction. 🙂 I find the most joy in the handmade community and the buyers who appreciate it. I love making someone’s vision come to life and knowing that a little piece of me is out in the world.

photo courtesy of Unique2chicdesigns

What is your inspiration when you create?

Life. Family life, children, MY children to be more specific. I find inspo in nature and the sea (one of my favorite things. . . and mermaids). My son is Autistic and he inspired me to create some Autism Awareness pieces for myself and that led me to offer those pieces (as well as custom orders) to the world. The same can be said for Type 1 Diabetes. ♥

photo courtesy of Unique2chicdesigns

How do you find time to create?

This question actually makes me laugh. Finding time to do anything is quite a juggling act, but we make it work. Some days more things get done. Some days they don’t. And, that’s ok. Everything seems to work itself out and I have been known to work late into the evening while I watch my children sleep on video monitors and watch classic Disney movies. Yes, I’m THAT person. Total 90’s kid. 😉

Come enter the giveaway and get something great for you, a friend, or a special family member! 


-Comment below with what you’d love from the etsy site: necklace, bracelet or earrings.

-Go “like” the Facebook page and tell them A Musing Maralee sent you. 

I’ll count up the entries and do a drawing Tuesday (9/26/17) at noon. Can’t wait to see who wins!

*And if you want to partner with me to do a giveaway of a product you sell, send me an email and I’d love to talk details!*

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  1. I love the pine cone story! I love symbolism, especially when it’s a comforting thing and you can take a little piece of it around with you 🙂 I’d love a pair of earrings as my entry, thanks Maralee!

  2. It is difficult to choose, but the Lava Stone necklace is a favorite.

  3. I love the long skinny hammered earrings as well as the pine cone necklace!! 🙂 Hard choice.

  4. Thanks so much, everyone! Love hearing your thoughts!

    Maralee, it has been a pleasure, thank you kindly, as well!

  5. How do I choose? I like the Love Conquers All bracelet…I can wear it with my MLK “Do small things with great love” bracelet.

  6. I love your pine cone metaphor and would love the pine cone necklace.

  7. I like the pinecone necklace! Your post about the pinecone really resonated with me.

  8. Love the necklace!

  9. Mmmm, those Boho Fringe Turquoise earrings are calling to me. But I also like the various leaf earrings and the hammered earrings, too!

  10. I love the pinecone necklace! The graduation penny key chain is a sweet idea, too.

  11. What beautiful jewelry! Like many others, I’m finding it difficult to choose ONE. I love jewelry, especially necklaces, that have significance, so I would have to choose the pinecone necklace.

  12. I love the Antler necklace or the pretzel necklace!

  13. I would love to win a pine cone necklace. Love the imagery.

  14. I really like the copper leaf earrings and the bird’s nest necklace.

  15. I love the crop duster earrings and the pinecone necklace!

  16. I love the leaf earrings and the black rose ring!!

  17. I think I’d go with the you’re my lobster keychain! 😍 And give one to my lobster, of course.

  18. I love the guitar picks… I might be buying a couple of those for Christmas. For me, I love the family charm bracelet and the hammered earrings.

  19. The pinecone necklace and the infinity bracelet are my favorites, but there are so many cute designs! I think for sure I’d pick the pinecone necklace though and get another for my daughter to give her in a few years. We adopted her and her 3 brothers and love what the pinecone means to you, so so true!

  20. I like the ‘anchored by Him’ necklace, but would enjoy some kind of a music charm and phrase about singing or dancing. It’s all beautiful! Love leaf earrings. Love the guitar pick options. Love the steampunk camera and pendant necklace. Neat stuff!

  21. Forgot to say I also love the US map keychain!!

  22. Fun giveaway! I love the lava rock necklace. 😊

  23. Love this post! I’d like the guitar pick!

  24. I would absolutely love the pinecone necklace to gift to my 9 yr old fd. Everything on the site is absolute beautiful 😊

  25. I love the pinecones too, but I the peanut also caught my eye. That is my nickname for my oldest son.

  26. I would love the infinity bangle bracelet!

  27. Thank you so much, everyone! I’ve enjoyed reading your comments! ♥♥



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