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Raising Kids Who are Close in Age is Easier Than You Think

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I have six kids. Those six kids came to me over the course of 7 years through a mix of birth and adoption. When my youngest was born my kids were 8, 6, 5, 3, 1, and 0. For a couple weeks a year, I have two sets of kids who say they are “twins” (they’re the same age until one has a birthday). I know a thing or two about having kids close in age. And I have zero regrets. If you’re just leaving the newborn fog and wondering if it’s too early to consider adding to your family, I’ve got a list of reasons to give it a try:

You’re already slicing all the grapes and hot dogs. There are a lot of safety precautions that come with having a tiny kid. Might has well have two tiny kids while the outlets are all covered, you bought the van with carseat space, you’ve outlawed marbles and button batteries, and you’re already slicing any foods that are potential choking hazards. At some point, it hardly seems like two is any more work than one when they’re spaced close enough that you’re prepared for their needs.

Potty-training two isn’t as bad as it sounds. When you’re cleaning up accidents, it’s really not that bad to clean up twice as many. What’s worse is getting out of the diaper and potty-training stage, getting used to not seeing someone’s bodily fluids on a regular basis and then having to get back into the habit. It’s a kind of deja-vu nobody wants to experience.

Nap time. This is the real selling point. When you have kids close in age, they nap at the same time. However horrible the day was, you’ve got a solid two hours in the afternoon when they will both be asleep (Lord willing). This also means you don’t have a bigger kid who is whining every day about not being able to do fun stuff because the little kid has to nap. This goes double for the level of complaining that happens when you always have to be home by 7 in order to get the little one into bed and then the house needs to be quiet. Big kids do not love this. Spacing kids close together means they have similar schedules and your house can run on a consistent rhythm without too much hassle.

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  1. Needed this today when it’s feeling difficult! 🙂 Thanks!

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