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Dear Joanna, Welcome to the World of Large Families


Congrats, Jojo (Can I call you Jojo?)!  The news is out and I’m thrilled that you and Chip are welcoming Baby #5 into your family. You are about to make the transition from a regular family to a Large Family. Gear up, sister.

I know having four kids may make you feel like a large family already, but once you have five you move into a new category. Five children is when you can be out with HALF your kids and people will stop you to say, “You sure have your hands full.” Five children is when people feel compelled to safely assume you’re Catholic or Mormon. Five children is when you can’t travel in your average vehicle anymore. Five children is when you start having to get to church early just so you can find a pew where your whole family can sit together.

Five children is watching people count your kids when you’re out in public. Five children is the wary stares when you walk into a restaurant and people realize you’re going to be seated near them. Five children is having to buy in bulk and knowing those two dozen cookies won’t last to tomorrow.

Five children means someone is always crying. And you can’t always fix it quickly. And it’s okay. You learn to live with chaos and you learn that structure will be your sanity saver. Five children means coming to grips with your own limits as a mother and watching your children step in when you’re maxed out. Watching your big kid read the bedtime story to your middle child so you can nurse your baby. . . it’s a precious feeling that can’t be described. Watching your husband competently manage five kids by himself so you can step out of the madness and take a hot bath will endear him to you for life.

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