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Who decides what’s “black”?


If you’re interested in my thoughts on ESPN commentator Rob Parker’s recent words about the “blackness” of Robert Griffin III, come on over to Christ and Pop Culture and check out my guest post.  I’ll see you over here!

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  1. I am a foster/adopt parent. I have adopted a biracial child and am always interested in educating myself and my community.

    • YouTube now has a lot of suggestions from hair care and everyday questions about handling certain questions mostly asked. Keep the conversation open….especially as he/she grow into 13/14years old. That age will break or make the teen.

  2. How do I talk to my special needs bi-racial grandson as a concerned white grandma, as well as my granddaughter. They trust whites as much as blacks and just think I am being silly. My grsndaughter recently came home from a good friends home where the girl’s grandpa called her the n word constantly! She thought it funny cuzz her black side of family call each other that word all the time!

    • Tomi, the comment about your granddaughter saddens me. I am black and I’ve adopted four children, three of which are biracial from various ethnicities. I have a beautiful family and am very proud of each of them. I’ve have found a need to educate my children on that word, the origin and how foul it is. I’ve talked about the fallacy of blacks using the word affectionately, then being angry when they hear it from a white person. If I were in your situation, I would ask the parents to have a frank discussion of their expectations for their children. I would not allow the granddaughter to play at the home where the word is used freely. Even if the friend’s grandpa agrees to stop using the word, it has not necessarily change his beliefs The girl’s naiveté has made her a “toy” for his bigotry, because no black adult would tolerate his behavior. Hate words dig to the core of one’s psyche. The scary thing about the black side of the family is that they may be confusing the girl into not knowing if she’s being insulted, or possibly in danger as she grows up. The parents need to set the tone of how the children view themselves and what they should not accept. Also what should they do to when confronted with the situation. Sadly, because of the world we live in, sooner or later it will happen and it won’t be something that they will be able to brush from their mind and heart as “only a word”. I hope everything works out.

      • I have three bi-racial grand children, two beautiful cuban/white grand daughters, and 1 beautiful black/white grand son. I also have 5 other grand children that are all beautiful as well , and we raise them all just to love. I would be LIVID if I found out anyone called either of them out of their name. Racism is taught! It is just as simple as that! My husband is also black, I am not. We have a very blended family and we love each other very much. I’ve never understood how love is determined by someones race. I just cannot wrap my head around that! I won’t even try!

    • As a black mother with a bi-racial and a black daughters…Speak with her and say that kind of talk is not allowed in her vocab….explain to her why. Then I would have a talk with the adults and also state it’s not acceptable. If they feel you are wrong…I don’t think they deserve the pleasure of being around her. Stand your ground. As for your grandson, treat him like a grandson first, then attend to his special needs. All else is really don’t matter.

    • @ Tomi P After reading your post, my heart sank. I deplore when Black people us the “N” word with each other and I am a black woman. I wish the black community would stop using this word and it saddens my heart that you little grandchild was called this word in a demeaning way but also very relieved that your grandchild thought it was funny and didn’t know that he/she was being demeaned. God Bless you and your family through the journey of raising biracial children in our corrupted world.

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