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A Life in Status- November #4, 2013

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“What Does the Fox Say”: a song aimed at preschoolers that somehow managed to go mainstream. Music in 2013, you are weird.

Things I learned when a bunch of my ladies descended on my house with a cleaning mission:
-In spite of my love of purging, we do have a stuffed animal problem. I swear they reproduce when I’m not looking.
-If you’re raising multiple little boys, put your most perfectionistic, OCD friend on bathroom cleaning duty.
-That awkward feeling of 9th grade PE locker room can be yours by letting a friend look at your hygiene products or your unmade bed.
-Great conversations happen while scrubbing peanut butter off of the underside of the kitchen table.
-A true friend says, “You know what would work in here? The dresser from my house. I’ll go get it and be right back.”
-5 children is the point when I decide not to say no to help. Ever.

My 7 year-old successfully rocked a fussy baby to sleep. I asked if he wanted me to take her, but he said, “Mom, I got this.” Those are the moments you realize there are more important indicators of how your child is doing in life than spelling test scores.

Just heard the 7 year-old use the word “Minecraft” for the first time. I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t be the last.

Time for the pre Christmas toy purge. Stuffed animals, I’m looking at you.

Joel loves Woody from “Toy Story”, but he can’t say Cowboy Woody. So if you hear him asking for “Cowbootie”, you’ll know what he means.

Decorating the tree, watching a Christmas movie, drinking eggnog and having the yearly talk about not spoiling the whole Santa thing for your friends. You know, the usual.
#spoileralert #toocheaptopretendtohaveelves#stillwanttohavefriends

Me: Josh, someday when Baby goes to her forever home, do you think we should take more foster kids or should we take a break for awhile?
Josh: Mom, we keep taking babies as long as they keep calling us. We only stop when they stop calling and all the babies have homes.
#lovehim #hegetsit #fosterbrother

It’s a blessing and a curse to be woken up in the morning by a 7 year-old two inches from your face asking about the proper pronunciation of Habakkuk.

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  1. Maralee, you don’t know me, but many of your friends are my friends. I actually only found this out via noticing a link to your blog on one of my friends’ blogs. I hear you on My Bridge (and actually, you’re “A Mom’s Heart for God” is one of my favorite things about the station), and was so excited to find your blog!

    I know you’re a crazy busy foster mom, but if you ever need an extra helping hand, or babysitter (I’ve had my background check to be able to babysit foster kids, since some of my good friends have been foster parents), feel free to ask around about a girl named Nicole at Grace Chapel, or just call the church, they’ll know who you’re talking about.

    I love kids, and I’d love to get to know you better. Glad I found your blog so I can stay updated on your sweet family!


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