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I Love my Envirocloth- now what do I get?


A few things to know:

-I am a Norwex consultant and I love the products, but if you don’t, that’s fine with me. We can still be friends. I will NEVER try to recruit anybody to sell products and I don’t really want to host any parties for you. I am a consultant for introverts/ambiverts/exhausted extroverts.

-I sell these products because they have made my life EASIER. If they don’t make your life easier, then either you haven’t quite figured out how to use them (there can be a bit of a learning curve, but I’m here to help), or they just aren’t for you. WHICH IS FINE. I am not going to shame you for using bleach wipes. We’ve all got to figure out what works for us and for me, cleaning with water is a game-changer and I’d love to tell you how.

So last time I gave you some Norwex info, I told you about the Envirocloth. They are your all-purpose cloth that can replace a ridiculous chunk of the chemicals you’re currently spending money on. If you have a Envirocloth and a window cloth, you can clean your whole bathroom, wipe down your kitchen, get spots off your stainless appliances, etc. all with just water. It’s kind of amazing.

So if you’ve tried them and you love them, what’s next? It’s not terribly realistic to just buy everything Norwex makes at once and you can feel overwhelmed just looking at all the options, so my goal is to walk you through the essentials a couple products at a time. Today, we’re all about the dusting mitt and the dryer balls.

The Dusting Mitt

Why you need it: With this mitt, you no longer need dusting spray. It traps and holds the dust so it doesn’t go flying around the house. The true test of this product for me was climbing up on a chair to wipe down our ceiling fan blades. Normally this means spraying product onto the blades (which I’m always worried will go in my hair and my eyes) and then wiping the dust off, which always means dust chunks end up on me and on the floor. Maybe there’s a more graceful way to do this, but I never figured it out. With the mitt, I can just wipe the blade. The dust stays on the mitt, doesn’t fly into my eyes, and there’s no need for product (so I don’t have to get my kids out of the room for fear of dusting spray going in their faces). It’s also great for dusting around electronics, getting dust off of knick-knacks, dusting high shelves, dusting around books, etc. If you don’t want to get dusting spray residue on something, this is the route to go.

Why it makes your life easier: I have one night a week where my kids are responsible for cleaning their rooms. But before the mitt, I had to go in and dust the dressers because I didn’t want my kids wasting spray, getting it in their eyes, spraying until everything was coated, etc. Now that I’m only dusting with the mitt, I can just hand a child (A THREE-YEAR-OLD, no less) the mitt and let them handle their own dusting. This has made it so much easier (and safer) for me to delegate appropriate cleaning responsibilities to my kids. 

The Dryer Balls

Why you need it: I don’t like using dryer sheets. I feel like they make things a little artificially slimy and smelly. So I’ve been doing without them, but things are really static-y which is not my favorite thing. Enter THE DRYER BALLS. They are wool balls that I throw in the drier with the laundry. They reduce static, soften things up and have cut back the drying time on my heaviest loads because they bounce around and create spaces for the warm air to move through instead of the drier just thumping around a hot, wet lump of towels.

Why it makes your life easier: Now I’m not waiting forever for that load of towels to dry. Since I do all my laundry once a week (ideally), I really need for things to cycle through as quickly as possible. Cutting down on that drying time has been great for my laundry time-management, along with the energy savings of not having to run the drier as long.

Here’s the thing– if you are a cheapskate (like me), it is hard to think about spending $20 on a  dusting mitt or $30 on drier balls. But if you ARE a cheapskate (like me) you will fall in love with not having to constantly buy dusting spray or dryer sheets or liquid softener or running your drier for what feels like hours on end. These products are giving me some of my time and sanity back by simplifying my cleaning routine. If that sounds like a positive to you, give them a try!

Here are the links you need (don’t forget! when you order, pick “August Party”)

Dusting Mitt  

Dryer Balls

Envirocloth (in case you missed out last time)

Window cloth (because you need this)

Household Package (includes the dusting mitt, envirocloth and window cloth- this is a GREAT way to get started and see what you think)

If you buy through my link, you help feed my family. THANK YOU!

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  1. A question about the dryer balls: Are they just plain wool or do they have any sort of substances that enhance the waterproof barrier on fabrics? I don’t know if that makes sense; you know how a lot of times clean towels or washcloths repel water when you first try to wet them? I’d love to use dryer balls with my guinea pigs’ bedding but I can’t use anything that replaces that water-repellant barrier.

    • Best I can tell from the research I did, they are 100% wool with no chemicals of any kind. I haven’t had any issues with them creating the water repellent barrier, but I also haven’t had to use them on guinea pig bedding. . . yet 🙂

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