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My friend Kathy posted this picture of earrings she got from a mutual friend’s new business, Dangle. They were adorable. And affordable. I was hooked.


If you want to enter the giveaway to win your own pair, here’s what to do:

-Comment here with what color leather you think would be fun for your earrings. (animal print? plaid? SO many options!)
-Go “like” the Dangle Facebook page and let her know (on her share of this post) you were sent by A Musing Maralee. Be sure I’m tagged so I can see it.

I’ve got my own pair and they are my go to earrings for classing up any outfit. I am kind of persnickety about earrings. If they’re too heavy, I just don’t enjoy wearing them. This has meant I’ve stayed away from a lot of the big styles, even though I think they’re so cute. But these earrings are something special.

They’re leather, so they’re just light as air. I can’t feel that I’m wearing them at all. They go with everything and look so simple, but fancy.

And as with so many of these giveaways I get to do, the lady behind the product is just as special as what she makes. I’m excited to introduce you to Laura and her work:

What first got you interested in making earrings?

I got interested in making the earrings when I saw others wear them and they looked so cute (even Joanna Gaines wears a similar product). I thought with a little research I could figure them out and I did.

How do you find time to create?

I work full time and sometimes finding time can be challenging. We recently built a very open concept house so I can spent time creating them and still keep an eye on whatever else is going on in my house.

What inspires you?

I am blessed to make a good living and I love to find good deals so I get inspired by passing on a good quality product for a very good price (plus they are SO FUN).

What’s your favorite part of the creative process?

I love finding new leather and intruducing it on my FB page, Dangle. Once the product is introduced with a picture, my phone is usually blowing up with others. Our 4-year-old son has also gotten into helping me a bit. I like to put a cute bow on each order to make the product feel a bit more special and he has gotten pretty good at cutting ribbon for me. My husband Zach pitches in too. This is my 2nd little in home business that I have had. Our first business “Little White House with the Pink Ribbons” was created and inspired after the death of our daughter. We sadly had to end the business because we got way too busy to keep with orders when we were placed with our son who we adopted.

What encouragement would you give to a woman considering turning her hobby into a business?

My advise to women who are considering turning a hobby into a business would be to follow what your passions are and don’t get frusterated with trial and error, you have to start somewhere and learn from your mistakes before you can improve.

So let’s see who wants to win their own pair of earrings from Dangle!

-Comment here with what color leather you think would be fun for earrings. 
-Go “like” the Dangle Facebook page and let her know (on her share of this post) you were sent by A Musing Maralee. Be sure I’m tagged so I can see it.

These are two separate ways to enter so you can get a total of two entries into the drawing. I will draw a winner on Friday at noon (CST).
Can’t wait to hear what you’re interested in getting!

*The giveaway is CLOSED. Congrats to our winner, Carley!*

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  1. i love the black & white stripe or the metallic rose gold! these are beautiful.

  2. I love the double look of the buffalo plaid! I have a few pair of leather earrings, and I love how they don’t feel heavy, and look so great!

  3. I love a classic camel, and the gold and brown, and the polka dot and gold!

  4. I love the black and white strip and the light gray. What a great idea to use leather! So beautiful AND practical!

  5. I love the natural leather color.

  6. I have really been wanting some gold earrings like these! Too cute!

  7. Love. Grey with a dusting of silver would float my boat!

  8. Metallic gold! Or stripes!

  9. I like the plain leather color!

  10. I would definitely want a pair of camel/tan. My sister has earrings like these, and I’ve wanted a pair <3

  11. I would like some for baseball season!! Maybe white with red stitching?!

  12. Great options already! From your doubles- I am a sucker for navy & tan, navy & gold or olive & cobra. I bet certain college or sports team combos would move. If avail, I would rock a crocus color, vertical stripes (vs horizontal,) fishnet, microfloral or monestera leaf and I like stone patterns. Go, Laura, go!

  13. Love the rustic camel!!!

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